Vinyl Replacement Windows: Why Settle For Less When You Deserve the Best (Part 2) – Thrush & Son

10 Windows- $99/month

In our previous installment of The Home Improvement Minute we discussed the advancement in technology and energy efficiency that the vinyl replacement window industry has made. From a wood window with a single pane of glass to a vinyl replacement window with three panes of glass and the insertion of either krypton or argon gas between those panes, the strides have been remarkable. In this installment I want to continue to discuss the transformation and again focus on the strides in energy efficiency that the Energy Wall Energy Weld Series 8000 vinyl replacement window has made.

An interesting feature of the Energy Weld Series 8000 window is the Intercept black stainless steel spacer. Now you may wonder what a spacer is and what is the significance of the material being black and manufactured of stainless steel? To answer your first question the spacer is the divider located between the panes of glass that seals them together and, if gas is inserted and rotated through, locks the gas in between the panes.  To answer the second part of the questions, there are many different spacers out there that window manufactures use for their windows, including an organic flexible spacer known as a Super Spacer and the all metal spacer. We prefer the Intercept black stainless steel spacer.

One of the reasons for this is because of the sealant effectiveness and the gas retention that this product gives to the consumer. Unlike the other spacers, which seal the window panes together in a 4 piece system where the corners are mitered together, the Intercept system is one piece of steel that is bent on the corners and mitered together in only one end. When thinking of sill failure for your window, what has a better possibility of failing and allowing the argon or krypton gas insert that you paid for to escape, four mitered edges or just one?

A key component of the Intercept spacer is the shape. The Intercept steel spacer is in that of a U-shape. The U-shape provides support with the seals longevity and gas retention by allowing the glass and sealant to shift with the normal expansion and contraction of insulating glass throughout the day due to temperature changes. This flexibility allows for flexibility within the window sash, which limits stress and potential stress cracks.

Another factor that makes the Intercept spacer standout is the material that it is manufactured of, stainless steel. Stainless steel, unlike aluminum, is not a conductor. The importance of this aspect, when speaking of vinyl replacement windows is the condensation factor.  A replacement window that has a conductor between the panes of glass increases the ability for the glass to condensate. By eliminating this factor, the Intercept steel spacer will vastly reduce the capability of condensation occurring.  The AAMA has stated that a window must have a condensation rating factor of at least a 35 for a thermally improved replacement window. The way to understand and read this factor is the lower that the stated number is, the higher the chance is for condensation occurrence. The Energy Weld Series 8000 with low-e coated, triple pane glass that is filled and rotated with argon gas and has a CRF of 69.

There are so many great features’ of the Energy Weld Series 8000 window that not one, not two and I highly doubt that even three Home Improvement Minutes will do this great product justice. I could go on and on about the foam filled frame and sash, the dual tech locking system, the balance system, the multiple exterior paint colors, interior wood grain, etc… But there is not enough time in the day! But there is two more things I would like to tell you about…. 1) Come see us at the Miami Valley Home World going on February 6th, 7th, and 8th, as well as the 13th, 14th, and 15th at the Airport Expo Center in Vandalia, Ohio and 2) 10 ENERGY WALL ENERGY WELD, WHITE, SERIES 8000, UP TO 101 UNITED INCHES, WITH NO MONEY DOWN, FOR AS LOW AS $99 DOLLARS PER MONTH. CALL THRUSH & SON TODAY FOR MORE DETAILS. AGAIN 10 ENERGY WELD, WHITE, SERIES 8000 VINYL REPLACEMENT WINDOWS, $99 PER MONTH!

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