Storm Damage: Who’s Really Knocking at My Door? – Thrush & Son

Thrush & Son Storm Damage

               Whether we like it or not, storm season is here! It’s that time of year where we can experience high winds, lightning and even devastating hail.  Some of us are lucky enough that we rarely have to deal with Mother Nature’s fury while other of us, on the other hand, are not so lucky. The one thing that is certain when damaging storms enter an area, it is sure does bring the home improvement contractors out of the woodwork.

In the home improvement industry, we refer to these companies as Storm Chasers. They are at your door step in the blink of an eye, ready to get started repairing the damage that has been done.   Once these companies begin to see the work drying up, they know it is time to leave and they are generally off to the next storm stricken area.  Some of these companies are very large and have mastered the practice of what they do best, storm chasing, while others are start-ups, who see the vulnerability of the situation, the potential profit line and they dive in head first.

There are a few things to think about and questions to ask when you hear someone knock, knock, knocking on your door after a storm hits.  Do not be afraid to ask questions.  This is your home that they approached! Whether it is a sales representative or canvasser, ask questions such as, “How long has the company that you are representing been in business?  Is your company a member of Angie’s List? What is your rating with the Better Business Bureau? How long is my labor warranty guaranteed for?” These are all simple questions that any reputable home improvement company will be more than willing to answer. But the most important aspect of dealing with a company when it comes to your home is comfort.  You have to feel comfortable with the contractor that you have chosen to restore your home to what it was before the storm damaged it. Do you really want to deal with someone who is pushy and telling you what is best for you and your home, or do you want to work hand-in-hand with a company that is sincere about the devastation your home has faced and has your homes best interest at heart.

Whether you choose to hire a reputable out-of-town company or a company that has been trusted in your neighborhood for years, get all the answers that you can. Make sure that the company that you choose to repair your home will be there to service any issues or questions that you may have for you over the years to come.  You do not want to have one of the most important aspects of your home be warranted with a tail light guarantee. So next time a big storm hits your area and the days endless days of knocking begins, just think back to “Who’s Knocking at My Door?”

For more information on storm damage and how to handle the insurance claims process please visit or

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