Church Raising in the Heartland (Part One) – Thrush & Son

Pleasant View Church

It’s always a great feeling when any community comes together for a cause, but it’s an inspiration when a church congregation comes together for a purpose brought in front of them by a higher power. In the heartland of America, in a little town named Hamburg, Ohio, this is exactly what is taking place. The members of the German Baptist New Conference, many of whom are contractors and carpenters themselves, have come together to erect a 12,000 square foot Church in the middle of the country side.

From the time that the slab was laid, the shell of the building was erected within three days. Over 50 men and boys, as young as seven, took place in the construction, as the women watched over the children not old enough to swing a hammer while prepping the daily meals.  Daylight to dark, day after day, the members came together with a common goal and a smile on their face, ready to serve the lord.

Some of you may not be familiar with the German Baptist New Conference, while others of us who live in such states as Ohio and California have a greater understanding as they are a part of our everyday culture. We interact daily and have an understanding of their traditions and beliefs. No, they are not Amish, nor are they Mennonite.  They are German Baptist.

When it came time for the Pleasant View Church to be raised, just as the German Baptist believes in life, there are no short cuts. There is only one way, and that is the correct way. They may have a more simple way of living than most of us, as they do not have the daily distractions of televisions and social media, but they appreciate and have a respect for the finer things in life.  When Dennis, one of the Church Elders, came to W. Allen Thrush of Thrush & Son Complete Home Improvement Company in Brookville, Ohio, he knew that Allen would not take any shortcuts, either, and provide him with his opinion on the best exterior products available. Dennis and Allen sat down and discussed the different options of siding that would be installed on the new Church. After Allen explained, in detail, the pros of the Royal Celect vinyl siding system versus other wood like products, such as fiber cement, the decision was made. Royal Celect is was!

In our next series of “Church Raising in the Heartland” we will further discuss the planning and preparation that had taken place for this fascinating project. We will also look further in depth on what lead to the choice of the roofing system that was selected by the members of Pleasant View. But if the Royal Celect siding system possibly peaks your interest, do not hesitate, contact us today at 888.349.8889 or visit our website at and let us answer any questions that you may have. Until next time my friends, keep improving!

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