Finding the Right Company for Your Home Improvement (Part One) – Thrush & Son

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Sure we have all caught a home improvement show on television and possibly even gotten some great ideas from one of these. These shows do give some excellent tips, ideas and insight when it comes time to improve the quality of your home, but they may not give an actual representation of the industry or the process.  As home improvement professionals, we do not want you to gain an unrealistic or false impressions and expectations of the project that you may desire, as well as the company that you choose to do business with.

Not all contractors will show up to your doorstep dressed in overalls or a flannel shirt with holes in their jeans. Some professionals, such as myself, find that offensive.  In fact, many of us choose to wear polo’s and button down shirts, while others, like myself, wear a tie to the office.  No, we do not lose our temper and begin to rant if a project is not going as smoothly as we like. In fact, many of us are very level headed, as we understand this business and recognize that unforeseen events can and do occur. Yet, this is the stereotype that many homeowners have come to recognize within this industry, due to television, and it is not an actual representation of who we are as a whole.

In fact, companies such as Thrush & Son, take pride in providing homeowners with a positive and professional home improvement experience. Its experience’s like this that create a level of comfort and build long lasting relationships for years to come. A key element in allowing this positive experience and relationship to develop and become a reality is trust. You have to entrust and allow the professional contractor that you choose to take your home improvement vision and turn them into a reality.

In taking this chance, your first step should be researching home improvement companies in your area. Look at their reviews. Look at their ratings. Look at their longevity. This will help you gain a better understanding of who they are, as well as the reputation that they may have. A prime example of this occurred today in our design center. We had a lady stop in and ask us for help in replacing her vinyl bulb insert. As it turned out, she had already hired a contractor, who has been in business for just three years, and he did not have a solution for the issue that she was experiencing. So here this lady is, in our office and design center, frustrated and searching for an answer, simply because she did not take her time and chose to hire a “contractor” that could not resolve the issues that she was having. If she would have done her research she would have read the online reviews warning potential customers to avoid this “contractor” at all cost.

Now this is just a fraction of what should go into selecting the right professional contractor for your home improvement projects. In our next blog, we will continue to discuss this topic, as well as setting a realistic budget and expectations that you may have. Until next time my friends, keep improving!

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