Maintenance Is a Must! I Thrush & Son: Your Home Improvement Authority I Dayton & Troy, Ohio

When it comes to your home, the structure that keeps you and your family protected from Mother Nature’s elements, routine maintenance is required just like the vehicle that you drive. Whether it be a new shingle roof or your new vinyl siding system, in order to ensure that you receive the most out of the home improvement product that you have invested in, routine maintenance is a must. From inspecting the step flashing on your chimney, to having your gutters cleaned and re-sealed every spring and fall, maintenance is the key to insuring not only the quality of the product that you have invested in, but also your happiness and comfort as a homeowner. So next time you invest in a home improvement project, think of your car as well… When it’s time for an oil change, it may be time to have your roof tuned-up. Give Thrush & Son a call! 937.833.5136, 937.339.5136, or 888.349.8889

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