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Pros & Cons for Interior Remodeling

By Stephanie Kusrow-Smoot

When it comes to the inside of your home, from the paint down to the décor, it is a total reflection of who you are. Your style, to your likes, to even your dislikes; with such a wide array of options these days it can make various options hard to pick and choose from. From the traditional/classic look all the way to the modern/trendy, design trends seem change like the weather and they are often hard and expensive to keep up with. So finding that happy medium to keep your home both classic and trendy may seem a bit hard, but it can be less daunting with just a few simple steps. Keep in mind it is YOUR home! Trends change over time, so keep a base of how you want your home to appear. By adding or subtracting small items and designs, these minor changes can make simple home improvements manageable and cost effective. There are many pros and cons in doing this, but minor changes can keep your home simple to update for years to come.


Use neutral items for the big ticket stuff:

*Couches: Keep them comfy and the colors neutral. Light tans, white, or even off white blend well with almost any painted walls and décor.

*Paint: Keeping to the pattern of an off white or gray is real go too. By adding a clean white line or even a black trim can add depth and style.

*Lighting: Place an Edison bulb in an old light to make the room pop with a chic design.

*Area rugs: Area rugs have been seen as a central piece of a home for many years and even shag rugs are becoming trendy due to their contemporary fashion that fits in with many styles of homes. Stay away from bright colors. You can even add a touch of depth to your family room by placing a white coffee table on a large black shag area rug.

Keep to the basics when it comes to the smaller items:

*End tables: Going big is not always the best idea. Smaller, solid colored end tables can be affordable to purchase and overtime can be repainted and decorated to fit the look of your home.

*Decorative items: We all have experienced that “Oh! I have to have that” moment, but sometimes within a few months we somehow find that must have item we so desperately wanted collecting dust. Be sure to keep your statement pieces simple, but also fitting to the trend that your heart desires.

*Plants:  Bringing the outside in can be peaceful and add good vibes to your home. Keep the plant holders colors bold and use sharp edges to build distinction. A large black planter with a white strip, or vice versa, is an inexpensive change.

*Picture Frames: We all have picture frames within our homes to display the ones that we love. For an all-around clean look, keep it simple. By purchasing picture frames that have a thin back edge you can stagger and place multiple frames within inches of one another to create an eye catching pattern that is trendy no matter what picture you place within.


Going big is not always good:

*Purchasing bulky items and furniture for any home is easy to do, but there’s nothing wrong with thinking small. By purchasing objects that are smaller in size you can easily open up your living space and allow your creativity to come to life.

*Pay attention to color schemes: Bright, neon colors might be your panache at the current moment, but that doesn’t exactly mesh well with every style. Before spending money on that hot pink TV stand that you so badly want or teal paint for your accent wall, be sure to remember that styles and trends come and go just like the ocean tide.

*Stay simple: Over cluttering a living area is easy to do. It can take away from the overall look of the home. You want people to notice the amazing items and accent pieces that you have spent your hard earned money on.  Always remember KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) when planning for your home décor. A large center piece looks much nicer with home interior decoration opposed to 20 tiny trinkets spread amongst a table.

*DIY items: Though they are fun and creative, one project can lead to a thousand and you may begin to find your crafts and ideas cluttering your walls and taking up living space. Your child’s art on the fridge is one thing, but DIY projects can ultimately lead to more than what you had bargained for.

My conclusion is to simply reassure that no matter what your style is, it is ultimately your decision. Even a few modern or retro enhancements can create a big difference to the appearance of your home.  As I stated earlier, keeping it simple is always good to remember.

Stephanie Kusrow-Smoot is not only a team member of Thrush & Son: Complete Home Improvement Company in Dayton, Ohio and Troy, Ohio, but she is a wife, a mother to two fur babies (one dog named Maddie and a cat named Trinity), and a devoted employee. Stephanie brings a great wealth of knowledge not only when it comes to a female’s perspective, but also when it comes to working with customers and any questions or concerns that they may have regarding home improvements.


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