Going Beyond The Warranty – Courtesy of Kaycan – Thrush & Son: Dayton & Troy, Ohio Home Improvements

Thrush & Son _ Manufacturers (2)Like anything in life, it’s nice to know you are protected and when it comes to choosing siding for your home, there is no difference.  At Kaycan, we fully understand that, therefore we stand by our products and the R&D behind them, allowing us to offer such a complete warranty.

So we know the importance of having a warranty and the security/peace of mind that comes along with it…but what about the service?  That is what sets Kaycan apart from the rest. (Learn about our 11 Commitments to provide the very best Customer Experience to each and every customer every day).

Marty North, Branch Manager at our Barrie location, knows this well.

“One of the advantages of using Kaycan vinyl is the strength of our Warranty. It’s not about what is written on the warranty document itself, but the way in which there are people ready to help you with a problem. When you contact Kaycan, you get a person, not a message. Real people are ready to service your business!”

Dan Dreesen, Regional Sales Manager in the US, points out a differentiator:

“Dealing with the vinyl siding manufacturer directly is a huge benefit.  No other supplier of vinyl siding could be as responsive.  Keeping the end user/homeowner happy is what keeps our customers, the contractors happy.”

Quotes from our customers

Corey A. Thrush of Thrush & Son LLC:

A warranty is a vital key to any product that we offer. When a company likes us, which has been in business for over 59 years, chooses a product to promote and partner with, we want to be able to offer a manufacturer warranty that presents facts and longevity.  A warranty is building comfort and trust, while providing a guarantee to the homeowner. That guarantee is stating that you have so much faith in your product and that you are willing to stand behind it no matter what. If a manufacturer has that much faith in their product, then, why shouldn’t we? It increases our confidence in the products that we sell, which increases our closing rates.”

Casey H. – Happy Homeowner

The house looks wonderful. Thanks so much. You have been great to deal with. You are tops in customer service.”


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