What’s the Deal with Warranties? (Part One) I Thrush & Son: Complete Home Improvement I Your Hometown Contractor

Warranties…. All products come with them, but what exactly does the fine print mean? There are so many variables to look for when it comes to a warranty. There are always exclusions that somehow sneak their way in, but are rarely noticed.  That is why it is extremely important for homeowners to read the fine line and truly understand what warranty they are receiving for the products that are being installed within or outside their home.

Entry doors! We love them! What is more inviting than walking up to a home with a beautiful entry door that warmth exuberates from? But did you know that installing a new storm door in accordance with an entry door may actually void your entry door warranty? Here is the exact language from one entry door manufacturer’s warranty, “Storm door installation voids warranty.” Crazy, huh?  Here is another large manufacturer’s warranty description, “Any damage caused by improper installation of a storm door or the installation of a non-venting, full glass storm door shall void this warranty.” So there you have it. A storm door may void your entry doors warranty. This is why you have to read the fine writing.

So now, let’s say you want to paint or stain a door that you have purchased from a large box store. Did you know that if you do not remove the hinges from the door and the frame, itself, and paint or stain where those items are removed, that you have now voided the finish warranty of the door and frame? Some manufacturers even go further with the description within. Another warranty example states that the product comes with a “limited life time warranty” yet goes on to state, “This warranty applies only to doors installed in owner occupied residentials dwelling within the continental U.S., during the first end user’s ownership, and is non-transferable”.  

So there you have it. If you were purchasing this door for a rental property that you own, you would be warrantless as this warranty is for owner occupied properties only. Another valid component to look for when reading the small print is the transferability. Many manufactures throughout different industries will allow for the warranty to be transferred one time, without any penalty or alterations to the warranty, for a small fee. This is a strong selling point for any homeowner who is looking to resell their home. But apparently this manufacturer views differently and will not allow this type of customer relations to occur.

In one of our next blogs, we will continue to discuss warranties; but this time it will be roofing warranties. We will compare and contrast different manufactures and their similarities, while focusing on you, the consumer, and what we feel is best for them from a professional contractor’s point of you. But until next time my friends… keep improving!

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