Tips and Tools to Help You Choose Your Home Exterior Siding Colors – Courtesy of Kaycan I Thrush & Son I Your Hometown Contractor

Home is an important place for all of us, and its role as a safe refuge feels particularly on point right now. Home is also where we often express our personalities. Now that many of us are home, we are looking at the interior and exterior of our abodes with a more critical eye.

Perhaps some of you are designing and planning an upcoming exterior renovation. Choosing the perfect color combination and siding profile can be overwhelming, let us walk you through a few key steps.

5 Design Tips For Your Home Exterior

Take a walk

Getting to know the look and feel of your neighborhood is an important step.  Put on your walking shoes on and discover the architectural and design styles in your area.  You may find your selection may be influenced by your surroundings.

Go Classic With Neutral Siding Colors

When it comes to exterior color combinations, there’s something to be said for tried-and-true combinations.   Neutral colors can be the ideal to add depth to your home, allowing you many options when it comes to accents and trims.

The Dark Side of Vinyl Siding

Looking to make a statement with your home exterior?  Choose a dark, deep color to set yours apart from the rest.  Combine that with a black trim and a lighter accent shade for a stunning look.

Combine Mixed Materials

Can’t decide on one siding material for your home exterior?  There’s nothing holding you back from choosing multiple siding options.  In fact, mixed materials can bring a modern edge to any architectural design.  Add dimension to your project by highlighting different areas through different material options.

Visualize it First!

Nothing could be scarier than making a big change on your home and not being able to see it first.  Simply crossing our fingers is not enough to help us feel secure in our decision. That’s where our online home exterior design tool, Home Designer 2.0 comes in.  We’ve made it easy to design and visualize your project!

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