Trending Vinyl Siding Colors for 2021 I Thrush & Son I Your Hometown Contractor

Courtesy of Kaycan Building Products

At Thrush & Son, we believe that color has the power to bring your customer’s dream home to life. That’s why we take the time to track design trends and their impact on architecture. This upcoming year, siding color trends reflect the rich palette of blues, grays and a hint of green. 2021’s shades have a cooler undertone, pulling away from earthy tones.

Rest assured your vinyl siding colors will stay as bold and true as when they first installed on your home. Kaycan’s commitment to color has led their research and development team to develop Helios™ Technology, allowing homeowners everywhere to “indulge in dark, bold vinyl colors”.

For all Thrush & Son vinyl siding color options, please visit

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