Is your home ready for the winter? – Courtesy of Kaycan I Thrush & Son® I Your Hometown Contractor

Are you ready for winter? Sure you may have your boots, scarf and hat out but what about the details surrounding your home? It is also time to prepare your home for the cold weather ahead!  Let’s take a look at a quick checklist to ensure you are all set for the season ahead!

Winter Checklist For Your Home

  • Clean the gutters:

Clogged gutters can prevent the draining of any rain or melted snow. This is why it is necessary to get rid of any fallen leaves, twigs or dirt. Cleaning your gutters will also avoid any future household leaks.

  • Inspect around your home’s exterior:

Start by inspecting the roof, as well as all of the windows and doors for leaks. Make sure you roll up all of the garden hoses and turn off any outdoor faucets. Ensure the downspouts are draining away from your home, to prevent from any water damage. Finally, bring in your plants to a more controlled temperature.

  • Prepare your fireplace:

With the help of a flashlight, make sure there is no buildup (i.e. birds’ nests, cobwebs etc.) inside the chimney. You must also ensure that the damper opens and closes tightly. Clean out last year’s ashes and remember to stock up on firewood and kindling!

  • Winterize your garden:

Any overgrown bushes should be properly trimmed and kept away from any electrical wires. Next, you should get rid of any leaves from your trees or shrubs, or better yet, use them as mulch! Oh, and don’t forget to wrap your shrubs to protect them from the cold!

  • Garage cleanup:

Winter gives you a reason to clean up your messy garage and make space so you can use it to store your car away on those really cold days.

  • Store your patio set:

There is no way your outdoor furniture is surviving the harsh winter weather. Now that you have cleaned your garage, perhaps you have room for your outdoor living room furniture! We suggest you either store it in your garage/shed or wrap it securely.


Perhaps something that will take more time than simply walking around your home, but it’s something to think about for next year. Insulated siding is designed to shed water and allow walls to dry quickly, preventing the growth of mold. It will keep you warm on those cold winter nights when the northerly winds gust.  Learn more here Benefits of Insulated Vinyl Siding

Now that your home is prepared for the upcoming winter, you can sit back, put your feet up and enjoy the warmth of the flickering fire. Enjoy!

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