Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Energy Efficient Windows – Courtesy of Joyce I Thrush & Son® I Your Hometown Contractor

While you can sometimes improve the performance of existing windows, if your windows are older or damaged it might be a better to invest in and install new, energy efficient replacement windows. Not only do replacement windows improve the look of your home, they can yield up to a 78 percent return on your investment. And here’s how:

1. Replacement windows minimize the cost of your utilities.

Depending on the climate in which you reside, standard windows can result in significant amounts of unwanted heat loss or heat gain. Additionally, they accumulate condensation and over time create air leakage that leaves your home feeling drafty. All of these things contribute to higher utility bills, as your indoor methods for heating and cooling become less effective. This is especially felt during the summer and winter months, when the weather is most extreme. By installing energy-efficient windows, you can reduce your utility cost by, on average, at least 15 percent. This adds up to hundreds of dollars in savings each year.

2. Replacement windows can reduce condensation.

As mentioned above, one of the drawbacks to having standard windows in your home is the amount of condensation they acquire over time. This happens as the interior surface temperature of the window is reduced below dew or freezing level, the latter of which can result in frost. Humidity indoors can also contribute to increased condensation. If your current windows are less suited for the climate they’re in, these effects are only elevated. Proper ventilation and air circulation can certainly help reduce humidity inside your home. However, this alone doesn’t ensure the glass in your windows will keep at an optimal temperature. Fortunately, energy-efficient windows are capable of maintaining temperature control, which greatly minimizes the level of condensation and frost.

3. Replacement windows maximize comfort.

By improving the insulation of your home, energy-efficient windows increase your comfort level as well. During the warmer months, they’ll retain enough solar heat to prevent you from getting hot and clammy, by ensuring the heat does not spread inside in the form of harsh glares of sunlight. In the winter months, this thermal retention will keep the glass of your windows warm. Thereby preventing drafts of cool air that expedite heat loss. Air drafts are common with older windows as air hits the cold glass and turns moist, which causes it to fall. 

4. They’ll improve lighting and view in your home.

One of the most pleasant aspects of a window is the view it provides from the inside. Lighting, too, is a key factor in the use of windows. Yet, older windows contribute to excess solar heat. To remedy this, people put up drapes and other materials to reduce indoor temperatures and prevent unwanted glare. Thus, both the view and natural lighting are eliminated, meaning you aren’t able to get the most enjoyment out of your windows. By replacing older windows with high performance windows, you reduce the amount of heat gain from the sun without compromising your view. On the contrary, the view is actually sharper with energy-efficient windows, and the improved natural lighting not only saves you money in electricity, it leads to better concentration and elevates one’s mood. This also decreases the amount of fading that results from the sunlight received through standard windows, which greatly extends the life of your furniture.

5. Replacement windows require less maintenance.

Wooden windows remain a common option for homeowners. But despite their use as an insulating material, wood requires a decent amount of work to keep up its appearance and productivity. In addition to monthly inspections, the routine sanding, staining, and painting can really bog you down. Our energy-efficient, vinyl windows have no such problem. They are custom-made to fit, and are better equipped to withstand the elements than wood. This saves you on time, money, and peace of mind.

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