How Can Replacement Windows Change The Look Of Your Home? – Courtesy of Joyce Manufacturing I Thrush & Son® I Your Hometown Contractor

Replacement windows can update and change the complete look of your home. If it is time to replace your old drafty windows, why not take the opportunity to change the look of your home with new replacement windows.  Maybe you are bored with the look of your home, then window replacement is a great opportunity to love your home again as it gives a new, innovative and aesthetic look to your home. Not only can it change the look of your home, but window replacement saves on your gas, oil and electric bills too.  

How can you change the look of your home with windows? 

1. If your existing windows are wood, consider installing vinyl windows.  Vinyl windows are better insulators than wood, are energy efficient and are virtually maintenance free. This option provides you with the option to update the color of your windows which can impact your curb appeal.

2. If you currently have double hung windows, you can change them to double hung windows with grids or etched glass detailing. Double hung windows are the most popular style of windows used in the U.S. What a difference these details will make.

3. Another option is to change some of your windows to casement or awning windows. Casement windows are the workhorses of replacement windows. They combine ease of use with exceptional natural lighting and the highest energy efficiency rating of any operating window style. This will give you a different look as it gives you a larger amount of glass surface. 

4. When replacing your windows, consider adding some capping or putting on some extra exterior molding around them to change the appearance of your windows.  The additional molding can totally change the overall appeal of your home.

5. For a big change to both the interior and exterior, consider adding a bay or bow style of window. Bay and Bow windows are a beautiful way to add visual depth and architectural interest to your home.  This style of window can become a focal point of your home and make an instant change in the look of your home. Your home will look much better when you have new replacement windows installed. For a special accent, think about architectural windows in a wonderful array of specialty sizes and shapes. You can order a variety of windows which are custom crafted that will enhance your home’s architectural style, including trapezoids, octagons, Palladian and circle top windows. Be creative and custom design your own look.  Don’t miss the opportunity to update the curb appeal of your home.

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