Is Vinyl Siding Durable? – Courtesy of Kaycan I Thrush & Son® I Your Hometown Contractor

Vinyl siding may be easy to install, convenient to maintain, and hold a wide variety of other advantages that make it a smart choice for your project, but will it last? Will your vinyl siding stand up to harsh weather conditions, seasonal changes or temperature fluctuations? Can it handle kids playing baseball, car doors, or even driveway hockey games? The short answer would be yes. Kaycan vinyl siding is engineered for strength & durability.

5 factors that make vinyl siding durable

1.       Stability & Wind Resistance

Homeowners also base their decision on how the building materials will protect their home when nature rears its ugly head. In recent years, we have witnessed the reality of climate change from erratic storms to flash flooding; Mother Nature has shown what she is capable of. Choose high performance materials that will show your customers that you understand their concerns.

For example, for many years, siding’s performance was gauged by wind speed. The industry has now learned that taking it by Design Pressure is actually more effective, especially for the coastal regions. Kaycan’s vinyl siding includes the Cyclone System, a rolled/reinforced nail hem for extra rigidity and wind resistance. And that’s not all; in fact, our value-added features are standard on all our collections.

2.       Energy Efficiency 

Durability does not just come in the form of how much vinyl siding can take a beating… Siding is durable if it is energy efficient. Energy efficiency is important for the planet and great for the heating bill. Insulated siding may seem, at first, like a large investment for your client, but the payoff period is a lot shorter than you may think. They will be able to lower their energy bill through the winter months.

3.       Built to Last

Vinyl siding is built to last a lifetime. Minimal annual maintenance, superior color retention formulas and high wind-resistance, all backed by a lifetime warranty, make vinyl siding a durable choice for your project. With an industry leading warranty, Kaycan’s vinyl siding has a serviceable life like no other.

4.       Water Resistance

Vinyl siding is one of the few cladding materials that actually welcomes the rain! You never have to paint or caulk to protect the vinyl siding material from water as with some other cladding materials, and vinyl siding actually helps a home’s wall breathe and dry out.

Adding the right accessories and trims on your home will ensure that no rain gets behind your siding and into your home’s infrastructure. Vinyl siding is also crafted with weep holes every 6″ – 8″ to ensure that even if water does penetrate the first barrier, it quickly gets funneled out by the weep holes lining the bottom of every siding panel.

5.       Low Maintenance

Vinyl siding requires little more than an annual hose-down. If there are some stains or marks, soap can do the trick.

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