What’s this about a deck? It’s called TimberTech! I Thrush & Son® I Your Hometown Contractor

Originally posted June 23rd, 2015; Written by Corey A. Thrush

Fall is almost here and we know what that means… relaxation. Now I know there are a few of you out there that enjoy sitting in your back yard, maybe with the radio on your favorite station, grilling out and possibly enjoying a cool libation. Then the inevitable happens… your walking barefoot across your back deck and all of the sudden, “Ouch! Dangit!” You stepped on a splinter! Trust me, I’ve been there. It hurts and it is not fun.

Now picture sitting on your back deck and you decide to take a walk around your yard, maybe look at your flowers. All of the sudden you gaze up and notice that peeling and blistering has begun to set in. You’re once beautiful deck is beginning to look more like a blistered disaster these days. That’s not even the worse part… rot has occurred! What do you do now? Replace the rotted boards? Scrape and paint? No. The answer is TimberTech.

TimberTech decking is the answer you have been looking for. With its 25 year warranty against fade this composite decking eliminates the paint brush. Forget about rotting wood, this product is guaranteed against termites, checking, splitting and splintering. Think of the savings that a new TimberTech composite deck will allow you over a 25 year period. No paint or stain, check. No board splintering, check. No boards warping, check. No rotting boards, check. The savings is unreal!

Aside from adding beauty and the element of a maintenance free area to your home, TimberTech decking has one of the highest return-on-investments of any home improvement project. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2014 “Cost vs. Value Report”, the installation of a new composite deck comes with a return-on-investment of nearly 74 percent. Think about that… Nearly three quarters of your investment is recouped off the bat, while saving money in the long run when it comes to wood replacement and paint or stain.

So if you are in search of a home improvement, that you will not only take pleasure in, but also improve the quality of your home, look no further than TimberTech.  Start planning today and begin to enjoy the rest of your summer, and don’t forget about fall, on your new TimberTech decking system. Until next time my friends, keep improving!

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