The Ultimate Homeowners Checklist for Your Next Roofing Project – Courtesy of GAF I Thrush & Son® I Your Hometown Contractor

By Annie Crawford 09-24-2021

Schedule Tasks in Advance

After you choose a roofing contractor, determine if work permits are required for your roofing project. Then, clarify if you or the contractor will obtain them. Put the permit process in motion right away so that there are no delays in your project timing.

It’s also important to schedule the removal and replacement of items such as satellite dishes and solar panels in advance so the service providers can coordinate these tasks around the timing of your roof project.

Prepare Your Home

Roofing is a job best left to the pros. However, minor participation on your part will make the process easier on you, your home, and your contractor. Here’s how to prepare:

Connect With Your Contractor

At some point prior to work starting, your roofing contractor will need to know job site details. Be prepared to:

  • Walk the perimeter of the house and point out areas for roofers to protect or avoid.
  • Point out electrical outlets roofers can use for their power tools. If there are no available outdoor outlets, arrange for roofers to access power via an extension cord through an open window or door to your home or garage.
  • Discuss what date the materials and dumpster (if required) will be dropped off and where it is safe to do so.
  • Discuss HOA guidelines (if applicable) on construction start and stop times.
  • Verify how additions to your rooftop—such as satellite dishes and solar panels—need to be managed and time frames for having them removed.
  • Once materials have been delivered, verify that you received the correct shingle color, brand, quality, etc.

Contractor Checklist

The roofers perform prep work to ensure your roofing project goes well. Here are some “checklist items” they should be completing. Speak to your contractor if these don’t occur:

  • Confirmation of project start date and time frame
  • A system to funnel debris from roof into dumpster
  • Placement of tarps to protect the driveway and landscaping
  • Protection of exterior AC unit
  • Protection of deck and patio areas

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