“Vinyl Replacement Windows: Why settle for less, when you deserve the best? (Part One)” – Thrush & Son


Whether it is winter or summer, somehow, one way or another, your energy bills are being affected by the lack of energy efficient products in your home. There are many factors in a home that could be causing higher than standard energy bills, but let’s focus on one single area of your home which can attribute the most to this dilemma… You’re Windows! Did you know that up to 70 percent of your heat and 46 percent of your air conditioning are escaping your home through your windows? Do you know there is a way in which you can cut up to 25 percent on your energy cost per month and battle this?? Let me stress this, it may be your homes fault, but by no means is this fault. It’s just the evolution of products. Who would have guessed that in the early 1900’s windows would have evolved from wood, single pane glass windows, into window frames manufactured of aluminum, then transforming into vinyl replacement windows with two panes of glass! On top of that they started adding this fancy coating called low-e and started inserting argon gas between the two panes of glass! No one really would have thought this evolution would have occurred, but it did. Manufactures have made strides for the enhancement and efficiency when it comes to the quality of product that homeowners now have available at their finger tips. It’s this kind of technology that gives you and every homeowner, alike, the ability to cut down on your homes costs when it comes to heating and air.


One company has taken this evolution of ideas and manufacturing practices to an entirely new phase of development. A new standard has been set in the window industry.  At Thrush & Son, we are proud to be the only vinyl replacement window dealer in South West Ohio who has the capability to provide homeowners with this type of energy efficiency for their home. I am not talking about the regular double pane vinyl replacement window with a single layer of low-e coating and argon gas that most window companies sell. I am talking extreme! I am talking about the Energy Wall Energy Weld Series 8000 vinyl replacement window with the extreme 2 glass package! This isn’t just your ordinary glass package. The extreme 2 glass package comes standard with a black stainless steel spacer, triple coated, triple pane glass filled with argon gas. In a previous blog of ours, “What in the world do the letters R and U mean?” we explained what the U-value of product theoretically means. Basically in short, when we speak of U-Value we are speaking about the thermal transfer of heat throughout a product, such as the transfer of heat through EW trp paneglass. The easiest way to look at this number is that the lower it is, the better the product is at reducing heat loss. The Energy Weld Series 8000 vinyl replacement window, including the Extreme 2 glass package, comes in with an astonishing U-value of .19! That number right there is the reason this window line has been rated Most Efficient by Energy Star. The Energy Weld Series 8000 vinyl replacement windows are sure to make home more energy efficient and save you money in the long haul.

There are so many features’ of the Energy Weld Series 8000 window that one blog will not do this great product justice. I could go on and on about the foam filled frame and sash, the dual tech locking system, the balance system, the multiple exterior paint colors, interior wood grain, etc… But there is not enough time in the day! But there is one more thing we would like to tell you about…. 10 ENERGY WALL ENERGY WELD, WHITE, SERIES 8000, UP TO 101 UNITED INCHES, WITH NO MONEY DOWN, FOR AS LOW AS $99 DOLLARS PER MONTH. CALL THRUSH & SON TODAY FOR MORE DETAILS. AGAIN 10 ENERGY WELD, WHITE, SERIES 8000 VINYL REPLACEMENT WINDOWS, $99 PER MONTH!


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