The Benefits of Choosing Insulated Siding – Courtesy of Kaycan I Thrush & Son I Your Hometown Contractor

For homeowners, winter is a synonym of temperature control and energy efficiency, because let’s face it, no one likes racking up hefty heating bills or living in a cold and drafty home.  The good news is, insulated siding among other things, will make sure your homeowner winter needs are met! How, you may ask? We will provide you with all the information you need to create a safe winter haven for yourself, without all of the financial stress that puts a damper on your mood. We hope to help you stay warm, save energy and be merry during this holiday season!

Temperature Control

Are there rooms in your home that you avoid because they’re freezing cold in the winter? If so, you certainly aren’t alone. Adding insulated siding to your home will allow you to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the entire home, so you can enjoy every part of your home, all year long. It’s time to get rid of those heavy jackets or multiple layers and simply enjoy the warmth and comfort of being indoors on a cold winter day!

Insulated Siding is Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is important for the planet and great for the heating bill. Insulated vinyl siding may seem, at first, like a large investment, but the payoff period is a lot shorter than you may think. You’ll be able to lower your energy bill through the winter months. After all, if you don’t have adequate insulation, you’re paying to heat the outdoors!

Protection from the Elements

Insulated siding is designed to shed water and allow walls to dry quickly, preventing the growth of mold. It will keep you warm on those cold winter nights when the northerly winds gust. But insulated siding also has a built-in ingredient that deters termite infestations.

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