Tips on Designing Your Home Exterior – Courtesy of KWP I Thrush & Son® I Your Hometown Contractor

Are you looking at upgrading the look of your home exterior? With many of us spending more time at home, it’s no wonder that we are delving into the possibilities. But the question is where do you start? There are many things to take in to consideration; here are a few tips to help you navigate through updating and designing your home exterior.

Consider using mixed materials

We have recently seen a surge in house design featuring 3 or more different exterior claddings. In certain subdivisions it is actually a requirement. Why the change? Visual interest for one. Gone are the days of the cookie-cutter homes, homeowners want to showcase their individuality. Mixing traditional siding options together will enhance your home’s curb appeal and instantly add a contemporary look to your house

Design Tip! Choose vertical siding below your windows, horizontal siding as your main exterior cladding and engineered wood shingles in the gables. Again keeping all these different materials in the same color scheme will ensure that your home will look cohesive and not distract from its beauty.

Different Cladding Options

Horizontal siding will elongate your home’s appearance however if your home is a 1 story it also has a tendency of making it appear shorter. Solution? Adding stone to the bottom rows of your home will add visual height. Keeping both exterior materials in the same color palette will also add a sense of grandeur by eliminating the harsh contrast opposing colors have.

Your home’s architecture will definitely influence the type of profile you select. More traditional house style will gravitate towards the horizontal siding, this profile lends well to a craftsman as well as Cape Cod styles.

Vertical siding is not only eye catching; it can also give the illusion of height. We suggest using this profile on one-story homes such as ranch styles. Choosing the vertical siding in a neutral color will also aid in creating a sense of grandeur.

Another thing to keep in mind, width of the profile. A stately home, like a colonial, will benefit from a wider panel as it will enhance the home’s ample facade.

Choose a narrower profile that will cast a pronounce shadow to give off the effect of height. Once again, this is ideal for a ranch or bungalow style house.

Add Aluminum

Aluminum siding has seen a revival of sorts with more architects incorporating it in their modern designs. Although very on trend, these modern designs can, at times, seem stand-offish. Pairing this exterior cladding with the natural warmth of engineered wood siding will add that welcoming touch. It will also create visual interest as both materials feature different finishes.

When it comes to color, look at the big picture

When you have narrowed down your color choices, don’t rely on a small swatch to solidify choice.  We suggest obtaining a few pieces (preferably a foot long) to get a better sense of the shade. Another thing to keep in mind, exterior colors shift depending on how the light hits them which can dramatically change their look. With that in mind, make sure to look at your colors during different times of the day.

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